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4-H Online Re-Enrollment Instructions – Returning Families

Go to (can be accessed easily on a mobile device)

Can’t remember your password? Signed up with paper forms in the past?

Use the email from your OLD 4-H Online account OR that you put on the paper enrollment forms – and select ‘Reset Password?’ to continue your re-enrollment

DO NOT create a new family profile – If you need help, contact information for help is at the bottom of the page!

Re-Enrollment Information

Review and update any information in your family profile

REMEMBER: It is okay that your family profile name is YOUR last name  – your kids can have different names and be under your family profile

Member Information

Click ‘Enroll’ next to the youth name (only one can be completed at a time)

Update information as necessary on each screen

Enrollment Information

***There will be a fee box, ignore it, joining 4-H is FREE in North Carolina!

CLUBS  – Select the club(s) your child is a member (this information did not carry over into 2021, but will in the future); If you aren’t a member of a club – select ‘Member at Large’

PROJECTS  – Choose at least ONE project, it can be something you are interested in or something you are doing in your 4-H club

QUESTIONS  – School Information: Use the ‘If you are unable to locate your school in the list above’ option due to the variety of schools we have on and off the boundary

Health and Liability Forms

***Typing your name on these forms indicates that it is a legal signature!

***These must be completed and signed EACH YEAR!


If you do not know the date of the last flu and tetanus, please put in at least the month/year

If they have not received a flu shot that you can remember; please put in 3/11/1889

*The system MUST have a date, so with an old date, we will know there is not a recent flu shot

Address for the Cherokee Indian Hospital is: 1 Hospital Drive, Cherokee, NC  28719

Phone Number for the Cherokee Indian Hospital is: 497-9163

If you do not have or know your health insurance information, please put N/A

If you need to get more information, i.e. Insurance Cards, you are able to exit and come back to your form and finish it.

MEDICAL RELEASE: If something happens to your child at 4-H, and we can not get in contact with you, this allows us to legally take your child to the emergency room and to allow for necessary medical interventions to take place.

NC 4-H CODE OF CONDUCT AND DISCIPLINARY PROCEDURE: This is to make sure that you and your child understand the rules and expected behavior at 4-H programs, and the potential consequences.

NC 4-H PHOTO RELEASE AND MEDIA RELEASE FORM FOR YOUTH: This is what most people call a photo release form. This gives your consent for 4-H to use and publish photos, videos, etc. of your child. 

It is fine if you do not want to allow this! We just make sure that your child is not in any pictures we put online or in any media sources.

NC 4-H YOUTH DEVELOPMENT PROGRAM LIABILITY WAIVER: This is to make sure that you understand that there is risk in attending 4-H programs like many other things we do in life (go to school, work, etc.) and releases 4-H from liability incurred

You can now submit your enrollment! Continue this for each child you are enrolling in 4-H!

If you have any questions, please contact:

Sally Dixon, EBCI 4-H Agent

359-6936 |